CPM-WATSON-PLUS is a handheld long-range multi-band Counter-UAS jammer designed to safeguard against unauthorized drone intrusions. This lightweight and user-friendly system utilizes cutting- edge jamming technologies, striking the perfect balance between performance and size. Its compact design allows for easy portability and operation, making it a reliable “jammer gun” solution. With up to 6 bands, the CPM-WATSON-PLUS effectively disrupts common links between the UAS and satellite networks (GNSS), including new-generation frequencies. It can be utilized as a standalone device or seamlessly integrated with a detection system. When integrated, the CPM-WATSON-PLUS receives alert signals via radio, enabling precise targeting of the offending UAS.

CPM WATSON 120W Anti Drones Jammer
CPM Watson-Plus

Jamming Frequencies and RF Power Output

  • Band 1-2: VHF/UHF 30W+/-1.5dB
  • Band 3: GNSS L1 2W+/-1.5dB
  • Band 4: Wi-Fi ISM 30W+/-1.5dB
  • Band 5-6: Wi-Fi ISM 20W+/-1.5dB

Power supply: Internal Li-Ion 10.3 Ah BB2590 Mil-Spec Battery
Endurance: Continuous jamming = Approx. 45 min Stand by mode = Approx. 48 hours
Temperature operating range: 0°C + 55°C, Splash Proof
Jamming Mode: CW Full Band Digital sweep and Digital Noise
Jamming Technology: Direct Modulation over Digital Direct Synthesized Signal
Antennas : 4 internal antennas
Effective UAV blocking Range: ≥750 m, where 75 m is the distance between the UCS (remote control) and the drone itself [ratio 10:1 (distance UAV-Watson / distance UAV-UCS)]
Dimensions and Weight: Approx. 816 x 312 x 120 mm (antennas included) Approx. 7.9 Kg (battery included)
Safety certification: ICNIRP compliant
Display: User-friendly display and push buttons for band disable/enable, power adjustment, battery status, alarms and (optional) threat approach indicator integrated with external detection systems

Data and specifications subject to change without notice