120W Anti Drones Jammer

The CPM-WATSON is a handheld long-range multiband Counter -UAS jammer which protects against drone intrusion.
Light weight and easy to use, the system has been developed to protect designated areas from UAS intrusions using the latest jammer technologies to provide the best compromise between performance and size. Light and Hands Held, this special “jammer gun” includes up to 15 BANDS, capable to cut off the most common links between the UAS and the operators Satellite Networks (GSSN), and the new generation possible frequencies.
The CPM-WATSON can be used as “stand alone” device or integrated with Radar in Counter-UAS system, like our CPM GUARD-ONE, or other already C 2 existing C-UAS Systems. In this case the CPM-WATSON, receiving an alert signal by radio, it is guided to the target as an “augmented reality” device.
In this case the CPM-WATSON, receiving an alert signal via radio and it is guided to the target as an “augmented reality” device.

CPM WATSON 120W Anti Drones Jammer
CPM Watson 120W Anti Drones Jammer

Jamming Frequencies and RF Power Output

  • Band no.1 433; 868; 902 MHz: T.D.M. Mode 30W
  • Band no.2 2.4 GHz: 30W
  • Band no.3 5.8 GHz: 15W
  • Band no.4 1.5GHz 2W SAT PHONES/GNSS
  • 433; 868; 902; LTE 850; LTE 800, LTE 900 - Hopping 30W total (LOG Antenna)
  • LTE2G3; 2G4 RC; LTE 1800/1900/2100/2G6 - Hopping 30W total (Coax Helix Antenna)
  • 1G5 GPS, 1G5 GPS (L1&L2): 2W Total - Hopping (Fin Yagi Antenna)
  • 5G8 Remote Control (or Extended 5GHz Band): 15W (Coax Helix Antenna)

Power supply: Battery operated by internal lithium battery
1 x BT2590 MIL SPEC Li-Ion Batteries
Endurance: Stand by 20 h – Full Power Transmission ON approx. 1 h
Temperature operating range: 0°C + 50°C
Jamming Mode: CW Full Band Digital sweep and Digital Noise
Jamming Technology: Direct Modulation over Digital Direct Synthesized Signal (DDS)
Antennas jamming sector (other configuration): Total of 4 antennas (Antenna Log + Double Coaxial Helix + Fin Yagi; FRONT ANTENNA: 3 different type front antennas removable)
Effective UAV blocking Range: 750 m, where 75 m is the distance between the UCS (remote control) and the drone itself ratio 10:1 (distance UAV-Watson / distance UAV-UCS). For no hopping frequencies
Dimensions and Weight: Approximately 9 Kg with battery and 1085 cm lenght

Power Supply (optional delivery): Li Ion rechargeable battery
Battery charger: Dedicated battery charger for BB2590

Data and specifications subject to change without notice