Transportable Jammers


CPM Guard-One is a software centric C-UAS solution
Designed to take drone detection, identification, monitoring and defeat to next level

To have a comprehensive and all-encompassing strategy, an integrated and modular solution for C-UAS is an extremely effective cause of action. Our exclusive partnership with third parties allows us to offer capable set ups.
A layered solution based on:

  • multisensor subsystem for early detection
  • analysis and decision to support quick identification
  • a robust set of RF countermeasure to defeat the threat
  • an easy to use Command and Controle Console (C 3 )
represents the state of the art as integrated anti-drone countermeasure.
The multisensor subsystem can be tailored for specific requirements, integrated on multiple fashions through a “building blocks” approach, by selecting each element according to customer’s specific needs.

CPM Guard-One